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  • Presentations are to be 15 minutes in length, or less. At 16 minutes the session chair will conclude the presentation. There will then be 3-4 minutes for questions.

  • Please ensure files are '.pptx' or PDF format. If you want to present using Apple Keynote, you are welcome to bring your own laptop, but please note you will need to bring a display adapter to output HDMI from your laptop.


  • The aspect ratio of the display screen will be 16:9. Please format your slides to this ratio.


  • Please use a minimum 24pt font on all slides.


  • Be aware that pictures or figures containing a lot of detail won’t be clearly visible on the screen to the whole audience.


  • Presentations should be saved in the following format - add your own name - PRESENTERSURNAME_ASNZ.pptx or pdf and uploaded to the dropbox link by Wednesday 28th August (a link will be sent to all presenters at the start of August)

  • Each room is equipped with a presentation pc, data projector, foldback display of presentation (or presenter view), pointer, and lectern microphone.


  • All videos will need to be embedded and set to start automatically or on “Next Slide”

  • Please ensure any video or audio files embedded in your presentation are also brought with you as separate files – these will need to be checked by the AV tech prior to presentation.


  • Presentations will be loaded by the AV technician in the room and controlled by the pointer provided to you.


  • Please bring a backup copy of your presentation to conference on a memory stick.

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